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Smoke Shop



Blue has dedicated lots of space to the one and only hand pipe. Glass, metal, wood, stone, ceramic, acrylic - spoons, bats, steamrollers, bubblers, dugouts, Sherlock's - pipes with caps, pipes without - pipes that fit in your pocket, and pipes that make a statement. We have a TON of hand pipes, including a ton of Wisconsin-blown glass (just look for the cheese sticker!) With pipes starting at $5 you're sure to find what you need!


Blue has a 100 ft. wall of water pipes! Hookahs, standard water pipes, glass on glass - percolators, ice pinches, inlines - from basic acrylic, to 4 percolator towers, to build-your-own - we've got you covered! Filtering smoke through a water pipe makes smoke smoother and cooler, and while you're at it, add some accessories - we've got plenty of downstems, slides, and ashcatchers to meet your water pipe needs.


Blue has a wide range of tabletop and portable vapes that can handle dry, liquid and/or wax vaping material. We know vaping technology is changing by the minute, and are dedicated to keeping up with the trends, weeding out the fads, and providing high quality vaporizers in a welcoming and informative way. We love to talk about our vaporizers! So please, stop in and ask!


Blue's concentrate accessories are ever-expanding, with pieces that are both functional and beautiful. There are so many different ways to enjoy concentrates and Blue aims to cover them all; whether you want a new setup, are interested in a vaporizer, want to convert something you already have, or need some extras like silicone mats/jars, or tools. We're happy to answer any questions you might have!


The little things that just make life easier, and more fun! We carry lots of the standard "smoke shop stuff" you need - lighters, body cleansers, pipe cleaners and glass cleaners, screens, jars, grinders, scales, padded pouches and more! But we're always on the lookout for the next new gadget, whether it's a magnetic water pipe cleaner, a poker that fits on a Bic lighter, or a rubber stopper that fits over your spoon (the Save-a-Bowl!). Because sometimes, it’s all about the accessories!
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